To many people pets are sdogs-1245641_960_720een as a part of the family. Many people take their dogs every
where with them and boating is no exception. Yes you can take your dog with you on a boat, this is definitely an option. There are many people who love to take their dog out on the water with them. However there are some important safety tips.

Keep dogs hydrated

Remember to take plenty of cold fresh water with you specifically for your furry friend. Make sure that your dog has a fresh and limitless supply of cold drinking water at all times.

Create places for shade

You may or may not know this but dogs are very sensitive to heat and the sun. They experience heat through the pads on their feet and therefore you should ensure the boat surfaces don’t get too hot. It also is dangerous for them to be exposed to the open hot sun for too long. The best way to combat both of these problems is to create shady spots for them.

Familiarize your pet with the boat

The first time a dog goes in a car it can become very overwhelmed. The same concept is true for boats. Therefore it is a good idea to get your dog familiarized with your boat. One method of doing this is to allow your dog on the boat a few times before actually moves.

Check on your dog

If your dog looks sick or upset please take this seriously. In fact always be prepared to turn the boat around to go back home. If your dog is barking excessively or wanting to jump off then rather go back home than put your dog at any risk.

Wear a life jacket

Yes even dogs need to wear a life jacket. There are special life jackets especially for dogs. Make a rule of never allowing your dog to sail on your boat unless your dog is wearing a life jacket. You can take your time to find the right fitted jacket for your fury friend.